...Some second-home owners are turning their properties into lodging businesses, often using Internet-based vacation-home listings to reach potential tenants. It’s especially easy for people who live close to the properties they’re renting. Take Rusty Irons...

...The biggest attraction of "Rusty Irons," a modern style home, is its location in downtown Austin. Music lovers can easily stroll to the bars on sixth street (and stumble home again), one of the greatest concentration of popular music clubs in the United States.

When guests arrive at The Irons, a South Austin town-home rental, they find the fridge and pantry so custom-stocked with local products that they could retreat behind its red door, never leave the well appointed premises overlooking Bouldin Creek, and still get a great taste of the River City...

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Austin, Texas. When people hear those words, they often think “live music capital of the world,” or “home to the University of Texas,” or even the city’s unofficial motto, “Keep Austin Weird.” But an exceedingly pooch-friendly city? Who knew?

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Available soon

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Two weeks from today, Rusty Irons will pack a bag and vacate her cowboy-contemporary two-bedroom home on Bouldin Creek so that total strangers can move in and party all weekend during the Austin City Limits Music Festival.

2607 Stacy Lane

Austin, TX 78704

512.589.5795 (ph)

512.401.3996 (fax)


Business across the city will be good during the Austin City Limits Music Festival. Services like restaurants, nightclubs and hotels and more are expected to generate more than $80 million for the city. South Austin homeowner Rusty Irons has been renting ut her vacation home for the last five years.

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